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Sacred Heart Junior National School, Tallaght, Dublin
Sacred Heart Junior National School, Tallaght, Dublin

Green School

Our school is a Green School with a very hard working Green School Committee. The committee is made up of representatives from our whole school community including teachers, SNAs, cleaning staff and most importantly two children from each of our three second classes. So far Croi Ro- Naofa has been awarded five GREEN FLAGS for RECYCLING, ENERGY, WATER, TRAVEL and BIODIVERSITY. The children on the committee give the lead in helping us all to keep our school as GREEN as possible. There are monitors in each class making sure that we recycle , use energy and water sparingly and that we all walk to school as often as we can. We are currently working towards the next GREEN FLAG which is for GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP: LITTER AND WASTE.






Green School Code

Our  school is so green

We keep it so clean

That no one can beat us

We’re all in a Team


Energy Green School Code

When it's bright, turn off the light!

Walk to school it's really cool!

Save energy all the time

It's easy when you say this rhyme!


Green School Water Code

Give yourself a clap when you turn off the tap,

Don't rush, think before you flush,

If you can save a drop,

We can save a lot!


Green School Travel Code

Walk to school, it's really cool,

Don't go in a car, it's not that far,

You can scoot or cycle,

But don't forget to recycle.


Biodiversity Code

Biodiversity is really cool,

We learn about it in our school.

It's plants and trees and living things,

That's what biodiversity means!