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Sacred Heart Junior National School, Tallaght, Dublin


We are very lucky to offer Rainbows in our school. Rainbows is a national children’s voluntary service.

The aim of Rainbows is to support children who have been affected by a significant change in their lives. This change may be as a result of the death of a close relative or friend, or as a result of parental separation. Children can find it difficult to verbalise their grief and emotions relating to this difficult time in their young lives. As a result it may affect their behaviours, schoolwork and emotional well-being.

This programme allows for children to share and come to know and understand the various emotions and situations as experienced during a turbulent stage in their young lives. Through the following of a twelve-week peer support programme children get the opportunity to talk about the problems they are experiencing at present or have experienced in the past. This is done through the use of games, discussions and reflective journal work.

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